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Configuration ​

Configure RSSHub by setting environment variables

Network Configuration ​

PORT: listening port, default to 1200

SOCKET: listening Unix Socket, default to null

LISTEN_INADDR_ANY: open up for external access, default to 1

REQUEST_RETRY: retries allowed for failed requests, default to 2

REQUEST_TIMEOUT: milliseconds to wait for the server to end the response before aborting the request with error, default to 3000

UA: user agent, using random user agent (Chrome on macOS) by default

NO_RANDOM_UA: disable random user agent, default to null

CORS Request ​

RSSHub by default reject CORS requests. This behavior can be modified via setting ALLOW_ORIGIN: * or ALLOW_ORIGIN:

Cache Configurations ​

RSSHub supports two caching methods: memory and redis, it is recommended to use redis for persistent caching.

CACHE_TYPE: cache type, memory or redis, empty this value will disable caching, default to memory

CACHE_EXPIRE: route cache expiry time in seconds, default to 5 * 60

CACHE_CONTENT_EXPIRE: content cache expiry time in seconds, it will be recalculated when it is accessed, default to 1 * 60 * 60

REDIS_URL: Redis target address (invalid when CACHE_TYPE is set to memory), default to redis://localhost:6379/

MEMORY_MAX: maximum number of cached items (invalid when CACHE_TYPE is set to redis), default to 256

Proxy Configurations ​

Partial routes have a strict anti-crawler policy, and can be configured to use proxy.

PROXY_URI: The proxy URI should be in the format {protocol}://{host}:{port}. The protocol only supports http and https. For discussions on socks5 support, refer to nodejs/undici#2224.

PROXY_AUTH: Authentication credentials for the proxy server, will add header Proxy-Authorization: Basic ${PROXY_AUTH}

PROXY_URL_REGEX: Regular expression of URL to enable proxy, all enabled by default .*

Access Control Configurations ​

RSSHub supports access control using access keys/codes. Enabling it will activate global access control, and lack of access permission will result in denied access.


This configuration has been removed. It is recommended to use a proxy server such as Nginx or Cloudflare for access control.

Access Key/Code

  • ACCESS_KEY: the access key. When set, access via the key directly or the access code described above

Access code is the md5 generated based on the access key + route, eg:

Access keyRouteGenerating access codeAccess code
ILoveRSSHub/qdaily/column/59md5('/qdaily/column/59' + 'ILoveRSSHub')0f820530128805ffc10351f22b5fd121
  • Routes are accessible via code, eg:

  • Or using key directly, eg:

Logging Configurations ​

DEBUG_INFO: display route information on the homepage for debugging purposes. When set to neither true nor false, use parameter debug to enable display, eg: . Default to true

LOGGER_LEVEL: specifies the maximum level of messages to the console and log file, default to info

NO_LOGFILES: disable logging to log files, default to false

SHOW_LOGGER_TIMESTAMP: Show timestamp in log, default to false

SENTRY: Sentry dsn, used for error tracking

SENTRY_ROUTE_TIMEOUT: Report Sentry if route execution takes more than this milliseconds, default to 3000

Image Processing ​

New Config Format

We are currently testing out a new format, providing end-user with more flexibility. For more info, please refer to Parameters->Multimedia processing.

When using our new config, please leave the following environment vairable blank. By default, image hotlink template will be forced when present.

HOTLINK_TEMPLATE: replace image URL in the description to avoid anti-hotlink protection, leave it blank to disable this function. Usage reference #2769. You may use any property listed in URL (suffixing with _ue results in URL encoding), format of JS template literal. e.g. ${protocol}//${host}${pathname},${host}${pathname},${href_ue}

HOTLINK_INCLUDE_PATHS: limit the routes to be processed, only matched routes will be processed. Set multiple values with comma , as delimiter. If not set, all routes will be processed

HOTLINK_EXCLUDE_PATHS: exclude routes that do not need to be processed, all matched routes will be ignored. Set multiple values with comma , as delimiter. Can be used alone, or to exclude routes that are already included by HOTLINK_INCLUDE_PATHS. If not set, no routes will be ignored

Route matching pattern

HOTLINK_INCLUDE_PATHS and HOTLINK_EXCLUDE_PATHS match the root path and all recursive sub-paths of the route, but not substrings. Note that the path must start with / and end without /.

e.g. /example, /example/sub and /example/anthoer/sub/route will be matched by /example, but /example_route will not be matched.

It is also valid to contain route parameters, e.g. /weibo/user/2612249974.

Features ​

Experimental features

Configs in this sections are in beta stage, and are turn off by default. Please read corresponded description and turn on if necessary.

ALLOW_USER_HOTLINK_TEMPLATE: Parameters->Multimedia processing

FILTER_REGEX_ENGINE: Define Regex engine used in Parameters->filtering. Valid value are [re2, regexp]. Default value is re2. We suggest public instance should leave this value to default, and this option right now is mainly for backward compatibility.

ALLOW_USER_SUPPLY_UNSAFE_DOMAIN: allow users to provide a domain as a parameter to routes that are not in their allow list, respectively. Public instances are suggested to leave this value default, as it may lead to Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF)

Other Application Configurations ​

DISALLOW_ROBOT: prevent indexing by search engine, default to enable, set false or 0 to disable

ENABLE_CLUSTER: enable cluster mode, default to false

NODE_ENV: display error message on pages for authentication failing, default to production (i.e. no display)

NODE_NAME: node name, used for load balancing, identify the current node

PUPPETEER_WS_ENDPOINT: browser WebSocket endpoint which can be used as an argument to puppeteer.connect, refer to browserWSEndpoint

CHROMIUM_EXECUTABLE_PATH: path to the Chromium (or Chrome) executable. If puppeteer is not bundled with Chromium (manually skipped downloading or system architecture is arm/arm64), configuring this can effectively enable puppeteer. Or alternatively, if you prefer Chrome to Chromium, this configuration will help. WARNING: only effective when PUPPETEER_WS_ENDPOINT is not set; only useful for manual deployment, for Docker, please use the chromium-bundled image instead.

TITLE_LENGTH_LIMIT: limit the length of feed title generated in bytes, an English alphabet counts as 1 byte, the rest such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Arabic counts as 2 bytes by design, default to 150

OPENAI_API_KEY: OpenAI API Key, used for using ChatGPT to summarize articles

OPENAI_MODEL: OpenAI model name, used for using ChatGPT to summarize articles, default to gpt-3.5-turbo-16k, see OpenAI API reference for details

OPENAI_TEMPERATURE: OpenAI temperature parameter, used for using ChatGPT to summarize articles, default to 0.2, see OpenAI API reference for details

OPENAI_MAX_TOKENS: OpenAI maximum token number, used for using ChatGPT to summarize articles, default to null, see OpenAI API reference for details

OPENAI_API_ENDPOINT: OpenAI API URL, used for using ChatGPT to summarize articles, default to, see OpenAI API reference for details

OPENAI_PROMPT: OpenAI prompt, used for using ChatGPT to summarize articles, see OpenAI API reference for details

REMOTE_CONFIG: Remote configuration URL, used for dynamically updating configurations. The address should return a JSON with an environment variable name as the key. It will be loaded and merged with local configurations when the application starts. In case of conflicts with local configurations, remote configurations will take precedence. But please note that some basic configuration items do not support remote retrieval.

Route-specific Configurations ​


Configs here are incomplete.

See docs of the specified route and lib/config.ts for detailed information.

4399 论坛 ​

  • GAME_4399: 对应登录后的 cookie 值,获取方式:
    1. 在 4399 首页登录。
    2. 打开开发者工具,切换到 Network 面板,刷新
    3. 查找www.4399.com的访问请求,点击请求,在右侧 Headers 中找到 Cookie.

bilibili ​

  • BILIBILI_COOKIE_{uid}: 用于用户关注动态系列路由,对应 uid 的 b 站用户登录后的 Cookie 值,{uid} 替换为 uid,如 BILIBILI_COOKIE_2267573,获取方式:
    1. 打开
    2. 打开控制台,切换到 Network 面板,刷新
    3. 点击 dynamic_new 请求,找到 Cookie
    4. 视频和专栏,UP 主粉丝及关注只要求 SESSDATA 字段,动态需复制整段 Cookie
  • BILIBILI_DM_IMG_LIST: 用于获取UP主投稿系列的路由,获取方式:
    1. 打开 任意UP主个人空间页
    2. 打开控制台,切换到 Network 面板,关闭缓存,刷新,鼠标在窗口内不断移动
    3. 使用过滤器找到符合 的请求
    4. 复制请求参数中 dm_img_list 字段的内容,如 [{"x":2721,"y":615,"z":0,"timestamp":29,"type":0}]

Bitbucket ​

Basic auth with App passwords

  • BITBUCKET_USERNAME: Your Bitbucket username
  • BITBUCKET_PASSWORD: Your Bitbucket app password


  • BTBYR_HOST: 支持 ipv4 访问的 BTBYR 镜像,默认为原站。
  • BTBYR_COOKIE: 注册用户登录后的 Cookie 值,获取方式:
    1. 登录后打开网站首页
    2. 打开控制台,刷新
    3. 找到 请求
    4. 找到请求头中的 Cookie


Civitai ​

  • CIVITAI_COOKIE: Cookie of Civitai

Discord ​

  • DISCORD_AUTHORIZATION: Discord authorization token, can be found in the header of XHR requests after logging in Discord web client

Discourse ​

  • DISCOURSE_CONFIG_{id}: id could be arbitrary number or string, while the value should be the format of {"link":link,"key":key}, where:
  • link is the link to the forum.
  • key is the access key for the forum API, which you can refer to this snippet to obtain one. Ensure that this key is granted sufficient permission.
  • DISCUZ_COOKIE_{cid}: Cookie of a forum powered by Discuz, cid can be anything from 00 to 99. When visiting a Discuz route, use cid to specify this cookie.

Disqus ​

API Key application


douban ​

  • DOUBAN_COOKIE: Cookie of douban user

E-Hentai ​

  • EH_IPB_MEMBER_ID: The value of ipb_member_id in the cookie header after logging in E-Hentai
  • EH_IPB_PASS_HASH: The value of ipb_pass_hash in the cookie header after logging in E-Hentai
  • EH_SK: The value of sk in the cookie header after logging in E-Hentai
  • EH_STAR: The value of star in the cookie header if your account has stars. If this value is set, image limit allocation will links to the account rather than IP address
  • EH_IGNEOUS: The value of igneous in the cookie header after logging in ExHentai. If this value is set, RSS will be generated from ExHentai
  • EH_IMG_PROXY: Cover proxy address. If this is set, the link to the cover image will be replaced with this value at the beginning. When using ExHentai, the cover image requires cookies to access it, so you can use this with a cookie-added proxy server to access the cover image without cookies in some readers.

Fantia ​

  • FANTIA_COOKIE: The cookie after login can be obtained by viewing the request header in the console, If not filled in will cause some posts that require login to read to get exceptions

Gitee ​


  • GITEE_ACCESS_TOKEN: Gitee 私人令牌

GitHub ​

Access Token application

  • GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN: GitHub Access Token

Google Fonts ​

API key application


Instagram ​

  • IG_USERNAME: Your Instagram username (Private API only)
  • IG_PASSWORD: Your Instagram password (Private API only)
  • IG_PROXY: Proxy URL for Instagram (Private API only, optional)
  • IG_COOKIE: Your Instagram cookie (Cookie only)

Warning: Two Factor Authentication is not supported.

Iwara ​

  • IWARA_USERNAME: username of Iwara User
  • IWARA_PASSWORD: password of Iwara User ​


  • SECURITY_KEY: security_key in the token,please remove %22,example {%22security_key%22:%223cXXXX%22},only need 3cXXXX

Email ​

  • EMAIL_CONFIG_{email}: Mail setting, replace {email} with the email account, replace @ and . in email account with _, e.g. EMAIL_CONFIG_xxx_gmail_com. The value is in the format of password=password&host=server&port=port, eg:

  • Linux env: EMAIL_CONFIG_xxx_qq_com="password=123456&"

  • docker env: EMAIL_CONFIG_xxx_qq_com=password=123456&, please do not include quotations ',"

  • Note: socks5h proxy is not supported due to the limit of email lib ImapFlow

Mastodon ​

For user timeline

Apply API at https://mastodon.example/settings/applications (replace mastodon.example). Scopes read:search and read:statuses are needed.

  • MASTODON_API_HOST: API instance domain, only domain, no http:// or https:// protocol header
  • MASTODON_API_ACCESS_TOKEN: user access token
  • MASTODON_API_ACCT_DOMAIN: acct domain for this instance, i.e. the domain in the WebFinger URI username@domain. It's usually the same as MASTODON_API_HOST.

Medium ​

Open the console, copy the cookie (in theory, only uid and sid are required)

  • MEDIUM_ARTICLE_COOKIE: Cookie used when requesting the full article, can access the full text of paid content when there is an active Member subscription.
  • MEDIUM_COOKIE_{username}: Cookie of the user corresponding to the username, required for personalized recommendation related routes.

MiniFlux ​

  • MINIFLUX_INSTANCE: The instance used by the user, by default, is the official MiniFlux paid service address
  • MINIFLUX_TOKEN: User's API key, please log in to the instance used and go to Settings -> API Key -> Create a new API key to obtain.

Netease Cloud Music Playlists ​

For playlists and song rankings

  • NCM_COOKIES: Cookies after logging into Netease Cloud Music, available via document.cookie in the browser console.

nhentai torrent ​


  • NHENTAI_USERNAME: nhentai username or email
  • NHENTAI_PASSWORD: nhentai password

Notion ​

pianyuan ​


  • PIANYUAN_COOKIE: 对应 cookie 中的 py_loginauth, 例:PIANYUAN_COOKIE='py_loginauth=xxxxxxxxxx'

Pixabay ​


  • PIXABAY_KEY: Pixabay API key

pixiv ​


  • PIXIV_REFRESHTOKEN: Please refer to this article to get a refresh_token
  • PIXIV_BYPASS_CDN: bypass Cloudflare bot check by directly accessing Pixiv source server, defaults to disable, set true or 1 to enable
  • PIXIV_BYPASS_HOSTNAME: Pixiv source server hostname or IP address, hostname will be resolved to IPv4 address via PIXIV_BYPASS_DOH, defaults to
  • PIXIV_BYPASS_DOH: DNS over HTTPS endpoint, it must be compatible with Cloudflare or Google DoH JSON schema, defaults to
  • PIXIV_IMG_PROXY: Used as a proxy for image addresses, as pixiv images have anti-theft, default to

pixiv fanbox ​

Get paid content

  • FANBOX_SESSION_ID: equals to FANBOXSESSID in site cookies.

Saraba1st ​


  • SARABA1ST_COOKIE: 对应网页端的 Cookie。

Sci-hub ​

For scientific journal routes

  • SCIHUB_HOST: The Sci-hub mirror address that is accessible from your location, default to

Spotify ​

API key registration

  • SPOTIFY_CLIENT_ID: Client ID of the application
  • SPOTIFY_CLIENT_SECRET: Client secret of the application

For user data related routes


Remember to check user-top-read and user-library-read in the scope for Personal Top Items and Personal Saved Tracks respectively.

Telegram ​

Bot application

  • TELEGRAM_TOKEN: Telegram bot token for stickerpack feeds
  • TELEGRAM_SESSION: for video and file streaming, can be acquired by running node lib/routes/telegram/tglib/client.js

Twitter ​

It is recommended to use a non-important account, new accounts or logins from different regions may be restricted.

  • TWITTER_USERNAME: Twitter username
  • TWITTER_PASSWORD: Twitter password
  • TWITTER_AUTHENTICATION_SECRET: Optional, Twitter Two-factor authentication -> Authentication app -> Secret part in otpauth://totp/Twitter:@_RSSHub?secret=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx&issuer=Twitter

Wordpress ​

YouTube ​

API Key application

  • All routes:
  • YOUTUBE_KEY: YouTube API Key, support multiple keys, split them with ,
  • Extra requirements for subscriptions route:
  • YOUTUBE_CLIENT_ID: YouTube API OAuth 2.0 client ID
  • YOUTUBE_CLIENT_SECRET: YouTube API OAuth 2.0 client secret
  • YOUTUBE_REFRESH_TOKEN: YouTube API OAuth 2.0 refresh token. Check this gist for detailed instructions.

ZodGame ​

  • ZODGAME_COOKIE: Cookie of ZodGame User

北京大学 ​

用于北大未名 BBS 全站十大

  • PKUBBS_COOKIE: BBS 注册用户登录后的 Cookie 值,获取方式:
    1. 登录后打开论坛首页
    2. 打开控制台, 刷新
    3. 找到 请求
    4. 找到请求头中的 Cookie

滴答清单 ​

  • DIDA365_USERNAME: 滴答清单用户名
  • DIDA365_PASSWORD: 滴答清单密码

豆瓣 ​


  • DOUBAN_COOKIE: 豆瓣登陆后的 Cookie 值

饭否 ​


  • FANFOU_CONSUMER_KEY: 饭否 Consumer Key
  • FANFOU_CONSUMER_SECRET: 饭否 Consumer Secret
  • FANFOU_USERNAME: 饭否登录用户名、邮箱、手机号

和风天气 ​



米游社 ​

  • MIHOYO_COOKIE:登录米游社后的 cookie,用于获取用户关注动态时间线。

南方周末 ​


  • INFZM_COOKIE: infzm 账户登陆后的 cookie,目前只需要 passport_session=... 即可获取全文

轻小说文库 ​

  • WENKU8_COOKIE: 登陆轻小说文库后的 cookie

色花堂 ​

  • SEHUATANG_COOKIE: 登陆色花堂后的 cookie 值。

微博 ​



  • WEIBO_APP_KEY: 微博 App Key
  • WEIBO_APP_SECRET: 微博 App Secret
  • WEIBO_REDIRECT_URL: 微博登录授权回调地址,默认为 RSSHub 地址/weibo/timeline/0,自定义回调地址请确保最后可以转跳到 RSSHub 地址/weibo/timeline/0?code=xxx


  • WEIBO_COOKIES: 用户访问网页微博时所使用的 cookie, 获取方式:
    1. 打开并登录 (确保打开页面为手机版,如果强制跳转电脑端可尝试使用可更改 UserAgent 的浏览器插件)
    2. 按下F12打开控制台,切换至Network(网络)面板
    3. 在该网页切换至任意关注分组,并在面板打开最先捕获到的请求 (该情形下捕获到的请求路径应包含/feed/group)
    4. 查看该请求的Headers(请求头), 找到Cookie字段并复制内容

小宇宙 ​

需要 App 登陆后抓包获取相应数据。

  • XIAOYUZHOU_ID: 即数据包中的 x-jike-device-id。
  • XIAOYUZHOU_TOKEN: 即数据包中的 x-jike-refresh-token。

新榜 ​

  • NEWRANK_COOKIE: 登陆后的 COOKIE 值,其中 token 是必要的,其他可删除

喜马拉雅 ​

  • XIMALAYA_TOKEN: 对应 cookie 中的 1&_token,获取方式:
    1. 登陆喜马拉雅网页版
    2. 打开控制台,刷新
    3. 查找名称为1&_token的cookie,其内容即为XIMALAYA_TOKEN的值(即在cookie 中查找 1&_token=***;,并设置 XIMALAYA_TOKEN = ***)

知乎 ​


  • ZHIHU_COOKIES: 知乎登录后的 cookie 值。
    1. 可以在知乎网页版的一些请求的请求头中找到,如 GET /moments 请求头中的 cookie 值。

Released under the MIT License.