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Ecosystem ​

Radar ​

  • RSSHub Radar: Browser extension that simplifies finding and subscribing RSS and RSSHub

  • RSSBud: An RSS feed discovery app for iOS/macOS that works particularly well with RSSHub, a popular feed generation service.

  • RSSAid: RSSAid is a complementary app for RSSHub built with Flutter

  • Easy-to-RSS: Chrome/Firefox Extension to retreive RSS feeds URLs from WebSite, RSSHub supported

Integration ​

  • ELF_RSS: QQ机器人 RSS订阅 插件

  • rsshub.js: JavaScript library for RSSHub

  • rsshub-zhihu-helper: 如果你希望通过 RSSHub 浏览知乎,那么这个项目或许可以帮到你。

  • actionsflow-trigger-rsshub: Actionsflow trigger for rsshub

  • rsshub2qzone: 同步rsshub到QQ空间

  • gatsby-source-rsshub: Create a rss xml from rsshub for your Gatsby site.

Deployment ​

Please refer to deployment for details.

Other implementations ​

  • RSSHub-python: A RSSHub for Pythonista

  • RSSHub PHP Ver.: RSSHub for PHPers.

  • RSSWorker: 一个能运行在 Cloudflare worker 上面的rss订阅源生成器

Released under the MIT License.