All parameters can be linked with & to used together to generate a complex feed.


The following URL query parameters are supported, Regex support is built-in.

Set filter to include the content

  • filter: filter title and description

  • filter_title: filter title only

  • filter_description: filter description only

  • filter_author: filter author only

  • filter_time: filter pubDate, value for second number, return specified time range. Item without pubDate will not be filtered.

For example:|Yellow|Black

Set filterout to exclude unwanted content.

  • filterout: filter title and description

  • filterout_title: filter title only

  • filterout_description: filter description only

  • filterout_author: filter author only

For example:|Yellow|Black

Limit Entries

Set limit to limit the number of articles in the feed.

Eg: Dribbble Popular Top 10


Enable fulltext via mode parameter.

Eg: bilibili article

Telegram Instant View

Replace website link with Telegram's Instant View link.

Enable Telegram Instant View requires a page template, it can be obtained from Telegram's Instant View page

  • tgiv: template hash, obtained from the link of template page generated(the string after &rhash=


Output Formats

RSSHub conforms to RSS 2.0 and Atom Standard, simply append .rss .atom to the end of the feed address to obtain the feed in corresponding format, default to RSS 2.0.

For example: