# 591 Rental house

# Rental house

Author: @Yukaii

Example: https://rsshub.app/591/tw/rent/order=posttime&orderType=desc

Route: /591/:country/rent/:query?


  • country, required - Country code. Only tw is supported now
  • query, optional - Query Parameters


Copy the URL of the 591 filter housing page and remove the front part "https://rent.591.com.tw/ (opens new window)?", you will get the query parameters.

# Apple

# Exchange and Repair Extension Programs

Author: @metowolf @HenryQW

Example: https://rsshub.app/apple/exchange_repair

Route: /apple/exchange_repair/:country?


  • country, optional - country code in apple.com URL (exception: for United States please use us), default to China cn

# App Store/Mac App Store

See #app-store-mac-app-store

# AutoTrader

Author: @HenryQW

Example: https://rsshub.app/autotrader/radius=50&postcode=sw1a1aa&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly%20New&onesearchad=New&price-to=9000&year-from=2012&body-type=Hatchback&transmission=Automatic&exclude-writeoff-categories=on

Route: /autotrader/:query


  • query, required - the search query
  1. Conduct a search with desired filters on AutoTrader
  2. Copy everything in the URL after ?, for example: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-search?radius=50&postcode=sw1a1aa&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly%20New&onesearchad=New&price-to=9000&year-from=2012&body-type=Hatchback&transmission=Automatic&exclude-writeoff-categories=on will produce radius=50&postcode=sw1a1aa&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly%20New&onesearchad=New&price-to=9000&year-from=2012&body-type=Hatchback&transmission=Automatic&exclude-writeoff-categories=on

# checkee.info

# US Visa check status

Author: @lalxyy

Example: https://rsshub.app/checkee/2019-03

Route: /checkee/:month


  • month, required - Year-month of visa check,for example 2019-03

# Corona Virus Disease 2019

# South China Morning Post - Coronavirus outbreak

Author: @DIYgod

Example: https://rsshub.app/coronavirus/scmp

Route: /coronavirus/scmp

Parameters: N/A

# Macao Pagina Electrónica Especial Contra Epidemias: What’s New

Official Website: https://www.ssm.gov.mo/apps1/PreventWuhanInfection/en.aspx (opens new window)

Author: @KeiLongW

Example: https://rsshub.app/coronavirus/mogov-2019ncov/ch

Route: /coronavirus/mogov-2019ncov/:lang


  • lang, required - Language
Chinese English Portuguese
ch en pt

# Singapore Ministry of Health - Past Updates on 2019-nCov Local Situation in Singapore

Author: @Gnnng

Example: https://rsshub.app/coronavirus/sg-moh

Route: /coronavirus/sg-moh

Parameters: N/A

# Yahoo Japan COVID19 news collection

Official Website: https://news.yahoo.co.jp/pages/article/20200207 (opens new window)

Author: @sgqy

Example: https://rsshub.app/coronavirus/yahoo-japan

Route: /coronavirus/yahoo-japan/:tdfk?


  • tdfk, optional - Romaji of Todofuken. Can be got from URLs on area detail page. Example: kyoto

# Darwin Awards

# Award Winners

Author: @zoenglinghou @nciztzk

Example: https://rsshub.app/darwinawards

Route: /darwinawards

Parameters: N/A

# dcinside

# board

Author: @zfanta

Example: https://rsshub.app/dcinside/board/programming

Route: /dcinside/board/:id


  • id, required - board id


# DHL express

Author: @ntzyz

Example: https://rsshub.app/dhl/12345678

Route: /dhl/:shipment_id


  • shipment_id, required - Waybill number

# Email

# Email list

Only support IMAP protocol, email password and other settings refer to Email setting

Self-host only

Author: @kt286

Example: https://rsshub.app/mail/imap/rss@rsshub.app

Route: /mail/imap/:email


  • email, required - Email account

# Emi Nitta official website

# Recent update

Author: @luyuhuang

Example: https://rsshub.app/emi-nitta/updates

Route: /emi-nitta/updates

Parameters: N/A

# News

Author: @luyuhuang

Example: https://rsshub.app/emi-nitta/news

Route: /emi-nitta/news

Parameters: N/A

# Fisher Spb

# News

Author: @denis-ya

Example: https://rsshub.app/fisher-spb/news

Route: /fisher-spb/news

Parameters: N/A

# HackerOne

# HackerOne Hacker Activity

Support browser extension Support RSSBud

Author: @imlonghao

Example: https://rsshub.app/hackerone/hacktivity

Route: /hackerone/hacktivity

Parameters: N/A

Support browser extension Support RSSBud

Author: @imlonghao

Example: https://rsshub.app/hackerone/search/rocket_chat

Route: /hackerone/search/:search


  • search, required - Search string

# Instapaper

# Personal sharing

Author: @LogicJake

Example: https://rsshub.app/instapaper/person/viridiano

Route: /instapaper/person

Parameters: N/A

# Instructables

# Projects

Support browser extension

Author: @wolfg1969

Example: https://rsshub.app/instructables/projects/circuits

Route: /instructables/projects/:category?


  • category, optional - Category, empty by default, can be found in URL or see the table below
All Circuits Workshop Craft Cooking Living Outside Teachers
circuits workshop craft cooking living outside teachers

# Japanpost

# Track & Trace Service

Support browser extension Support RSSBud

Author: @tuzi3040

Example: https://rsshub.app/japanpost/track/EJ123456789JP/en

Route: /japanpost/track/:reqCode/:locale?


  • reqCode, required - Package Number
  • locale, optional - Language, default to japanese ja
Japanese English
ja en

# King Arthur

# Baking

Author: @loganrockmore

Example: https://rsshub.app/kingarthur/story

Route: /instapaper/:category


  • category, required - N
Story Recipes Tips and Techniques
story recipes tips-and-techniques

# Layoffs.fyi

# Layoff Data Tracker

Support browser extension

Author: @BrandNewLifeJackie26

Example: https://rsshub.app/layoffs

Route: /layoffs

Parameters: N/A

RSS source in the original site is outdated.

# Lever

# Recruitment

Author: @tsarlewey

Example: https://rsshub.app/lever/lever

Route: /lever/:domain


  • domain, required - Company with Lever Board

# LinkedIn

# Jobs

Support browser extension

Author: @BrandNewLifeJackie26

Example: https://rsshub.app/linkedin/jobs/C-P/1/software engineer

Route: /linkedin/jobs/:job_types/:exp_levels/:keywords?


  • job_types, required - See the following table for details, use '-' as delimiter
  • exp_levels, required - See the following table for details, use '-' as delimiter
  • keywords, optional - keywords

# job_types list

Full Time Part Time Contractor All
F P C all

# exp_levels list

Intership Entry Level Associate Mid-Senior Level Director All
1 2 3 4 5 all

For example:

  1. If we want to search software engineer jobs of all levels and all job types, use /linkedin/jobs/all/all/software engineer
  2. If we want to search all entry level contractor/part time software engineer jobs, use /linkedin/jobs/P-C/2/software engineer

To make it easier, the recommended way is to start a search on LinkedIn and use RSSHub Radar to load the specific feed.


# All Publications

Author: @sbilly

Example: https://rsshub.app/mitre/publications

Route: /mitre/publications

Parameters: N/A

# Mozilla

# Firefox Monitor

Author: @TonyRL

Example: https://rsshub.app/firefox/breaches

Route: /firefox/breaches

Parameters: N/A

# Nobel Prize

# List

Author: @nczitzk

Example: https://rsshub.app/nobelprize

Route: /nobelprize/:caty


  • caty, required - Category, see below, all by default
Physics Chemistry Physiology or Medicine Literature Peace Economic Science
physics chemistry physiology-or-medicine literature peace economic-sciences

# Notion


Need to set up Notion integration, please refer to Route-specific Configurations (opens new window) for details.


It is recommended to use with clipping tools such as Notion Web Clipper.

# Database

Self-host only Support browser extension

Author: @curly210102

Example: https://rsshub.app/notion/database/a7cc133b68454f138011f1530a13531e

Route: /notion/database/:databaseId


  • databaseId, required - Database ID

There is an optional query parameter called properties= that can be used to customize field mapping. There are three built-in fields: author, pubTime and link, which can be used to add additional information.

For example, if you have set up three properties in your database - "Publish Time", "Author", and "Original Article Link" - then execute the following JavaScript code to get the result for the properties parameter.

encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify({"pubTime": "Publish Time", "author": "Author", "link": "Original Article Link"}))

There is an optional query parameter called query= that can be used to customize the search rules for your database, such as custom sorting and filtering rules.

please refer to the Notion API documentation (opens new window) and execute encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify(custom rules)) to provide the query parameter.

# oshwhub

# OpenSource Square

Support browser extension Support RSSBud

Author: @tylinux

Example: https://rsshub.app/oshwhub

Route: /oshwhub/:sortType?


  • sortType, optional - sortType

# Panda

# Feeds

Author: @lyrl

Example: https://rsshub.app/usepanda/feeds/5718e53e7a84fb1901e059cc

Route: /usepanda/feeds/:id


  • id, required - Feed ID
Channel feedId
Github 5718e53e7a84fb1901e059cc

# Parcel Tracking

# Hermes UK

Author: @HenryQW

Example: https://rsshub.app/parcel/hermesuk/[tracking number]

Route: /parcel/hermesuk/:tracking


  • tracking, required - Tracking number

# Pocket

Author: @hoilc

Example: https://rsshub.app/pocket/trending

Route: /pocket/trending

Parameters: N/A

# Product Hunt

The official feed: https://www.producthunt.com/feed (opens new window)

Author: @miaoyafeng @Fatpandac

Example: https://rsshub.app/producthunt/today

Route: /producthunt/today

Parameters: N/A

# Remote.work

# Remote.work Job Information

Support browser extension Support RSSBud

Author: @luyuhuang

Example: https://rsshub.app/remote-work/all

Route: /remote-work/:caty?


  • caty, optional - Job category, default to all
All Jobs Development Design Operation Product Other Marketing Sales
all development design operation product other marketing sales

# SANS Institute

# Latest conference materials

Author: @sbilly

Example: https://rsshub.app/sans/summit_archive

Route: /sans/summit_archive

Parameters: N/A

Track entries containing specific keywords on major social media platforms.

Current listings: Weibo SearchToutiao SearchZhihu SearchZhihu VideosZhihu Topics

Data Source: trending-in-one (opens new window)

Support browser extension

Author: @Jkker

Example: https://rsshub.app/trending/taiwan/3

Route: /trending/:keywords/:numberOfDays?


  • keywords, required - List of keywords separated by commas
  • numberOfDays, optional - Number of previous days (defaults to 3)

# TSSstatus (iOS downgrade channel)

# Status

Author: @xyqfer

Example: https://rsshub.app/tssstatus/j42dap/14W585a

Route: /tssstatus/:board/:build


  • board, required - Board id
  • build, required - Build id

Board and Build can be found in here (opens new window)

# Urban Dictionary

# Random words

Support browser extension Support RSSBud

Author: @TonyRL

Example: https://rsshub.app/urbandictionary/random

Route: /urbandictionary/random

Parameters: N/A


# News

Support browser extension

Author: @HankChow

Example: https://rsshub.app/wfdf/news

Route: /wfdf/news

Parameters: N/A

# wikiHow

# Home

Author: @sanmmm

Example: https://rsshub.app/wikihow/index

Route: /wikihow/index

Parameters: N/A

# Category

Author: @sanmmm

Example: https://rsshub.app/wikihow/category/饮食与休闲/all

Route: /wikihow/category/:category/:type?


  • category, required - Category
  • type, optional - Type, default to all

Top category can be found in category Page (opens new window), support secondary directories


All Recommend
all rec

# Wise

# FX Pair Yesterday

Support browser extension

Author: @HenryQW

Example: https://rsshub.app/wise/pair/GBP/USD

Route: /wise/pair/:source/:target


  • source, required - Base currency abbreviation
  • target, required - Quote currency abbreviation

Refer to the list of supported currencies (opens new window).

# 裏垢女子まとめ

# Homepage

Rely on Puppeteer Support browser extension Support RSSBud

Author: @SettingDust @Halcao

Example: https://rsshub.app/uraaka-joshi

Route: /uraaka-joshi

Parameters: N/A

# User

Rely on Puppeteer Support browser extension Support RSSBud

Author: @SettingDust @Halcao

Example: https://rsshub.app/uraaka-joshi/_rrwq

Route: /uraaka-joshi/:id


  • id, required - User ID