# Apple

# Exchange and Repair Extension Programs

Author: @metowolf @HenryQW

Example: https://rsshub.app/apple/exchange_repair

Route: /apple/exchange_repair/:country?


  • country, optional -

    country code in apple.com URL (exception: for United States please use us), default to China cn

# App Store/Mac App Store


# AutoTrader

Author: @HenryQW

Example: https://rsshub.app/autotrader/radius=50&postcode=sw1a1aa&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly%20New&onesearchad=New&price-to=9000&year-from=2012&body-type=Hatchback&transmission=Automatic&exclude-writeoff-categories=on

Route: /autotrader/:query


  • query, required -

    the search query

  1. Conduct a search with desired filters on AutoTrader
  2. Copy everything in the URL after ?, for example: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-search?radius=50&postcode=sw1a1aa&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly%20New&onesearchad=New&price-to=9000&year-from=2012&body-type=Hatchback&transmission=Automatic&exclude-writeoff-categories=on will produce radius=50&postcode=sw1a1aa&onesearchad=Used&onesearchad=Nearly%20New&onesearchad=New&price-to=9000&year-from=2012&body-type=Hatchback&transmission=Automatic&exclude-writeoff-categories=on

# checkee.info

# US Visa check status

Author: @lalxyy

Example: https://rsshub.app/checkee/2019-03

Route: /checkee/:month


  • month, required -

    Year-month of visa check,for example 2019-03

# Corona Virus Disease 2019

# South China Morning Post - Coronavirus outbreak

Author: @DIYgod

Example: https://rsshub.app/coronavirus/scmp

Route: /coronavirus/scmp

Parameters: N/A

# Macao Pagina Electrónica Especial Contra Epidemias: What’s New

Official Website: https://www.ssm.gov.mo/apps1/PreventWuhanInfection/en.aspx (opens new window)

Author: @KeiLongW

Example: https://rsshub.app/coronavirus/mogov-2019ncov/ch

Route: /coronavirus/mogov-2019ncov/:lang


  • lang, required -


Chinese English Portuguese
ch en pt

# Singapore Ministry of Health - Past Updates on 2019-nCov Local Situation in Singapore

Author: @Gnnng

Example: https://rsshub.app/coronavirus/sg-moh

Route: /coronavirus/sg-moh

Parameters: N/A

# Darwin Awards

# Articles

作者: @zoenglinghou

举例: https://rsshub.app/darwinawards/all

路由: /darwinawards/all

参数: 无

# dcinside

# board

作者: @zfanta

举例: https://rsshub.app/dcinside/board/programming

路由: /dcinside/board/:id


  • id, 必选 -

    board id


# DHL express

Author: @ntzyz

Example: https://rsshub.app/dhl/12345678

Route: /dhl/:shipment_id


  • shipment_id, required -

    Waybill number

# Email

# Email list

Only support IMAP protocol, email password and other settings refer to Email setting

self-host only

Author: @kt286

Example: https://rsshub.app/mail/imap/rss@rsshub.app

Route: /mail/imap/:email


  • email, required -

    Email account

# Emi Nitta official website

# Recent update

Author: @luyuhuang

Example: https://rsshub.app/emi-nitta/updates

Route: /emi-nitta/updates

Parameters: N/A

# News

Author: @luyuhuang

Example: https://rsshub.app/emi-nitta/news

Route: /emi-nitta/news

Parameters: N/A

# Fisher Spb

# News

Author: @denis-ya

Example: https://rsshub.app/fisher-spb/news

Route: /fisher-spb/news

Parameters: N/A

# HackerOne

# HackerOne Hacker Activity

support browser extension support rssbud

Author: @imlonghao

Example: https://rsshub.app/hackerone/hacktivity

Route: /hackerone/hacktivity

Parameters: N/A

support browser extension support rssbud

Author: @imlonghao

Example: https://rsshub.app/hackerone/search/rocket_chat

Route: /hackerone/search/:search


  • search, required -

    Search string

# Instapaper

# Personal sharing

Author: @LogicJake

Example: https://rsshub.app/instapaper/person/viridiano

Route: /instapaper/person

Parameters: N/A

# Japanpost

# Track & Trace Service

support browser extension support rssbud

Author: @tuzi3040

Example: https://rsshub.app/japanpost/track/EJ123456789JP/en

Route: /japanpost/track/:reqCode/:locale?


  • reqCode, required -

    Package Number

  • locale, optional -

    Language, default to japanese ja

Japanese English
ja en

# King Arthur

# Baking

Author: @loganrockmore

Example: https://rsshub.app/kingarthur/story

Route: /instapaper/:category


  • category, required -


Story Recipes Tips and Techniques
story recipes tips-and-techniques


# All Publications

作者: @sbilly

举例: https://rsshub.app/mitre/publications

路由: /mitre/publications

参数: 无

# Nobel Prize

# List

Author: @nczitzk

Example: https://rsshub.app/nobelprize

Route: /nobelprize/:caty


  • caty, required -

    Category, see below, all by default

Physics Chemistry Physiology or Medicine Literature Peace Economic Science
physics chemistry physiology-or-medicine literature peace economic-sciences

# Parcel Tracking

# Hermes UK

Author: @HenryQW

Example: https://rsshub.app/parcel/hermesuk/[tracking number]

Route: /parcel/hermesuk/:tracking


  • tracking, required -

    Tracking number

# Pocket

Author: @hoilc

Example: https://rsshub.app/pocket/trending

Route: /pocket/trending

Parameters: N/A

# Product Hunt

The official feed: https://www.producthunt.com/feed (opens new window)

Author: @miaoyafeng

Example: https://rsshub.app/producthunt/today

Route: /producthunt/today

Parameters: N/A

# Remote.work

# Remote.work Job Information

support browser extension support rssbud

Author: @luyuhuang

Example: https://rsshub.app/remote-work/all

Route: /remote-work/:caty?


  • caty, optional -

    Job category, default to all

All Jobs Development Design Operation Product Other Marketing Sales
all development design operation product other marketing sales

# SANS Institute

# Latest conference materials

Author: @sbilly

Example: https://rsshub.app/sans/summit_archive

Route: /sans/summit_archive

Parameters: N/A

# TransferWise

# FX Pair Yesterday

Author: @HenryQW

Example: https://rsshub.app/transferwise/pair/GBP/USD

Route: /transferwise/pair/:source/:target


  • source, required -

    Base currency abbreviation

  • target, required -

    Quote currency abbreviation

Refer to the list of supported currencies (opens new window).

# TSSstatus(iOS downgrade channel)

# Status

Author: @xyqfer

Example: https://rsshub.app/tssstatus/j42dap/14W585a

Route: /tssstatus/:board/:build


  • board, required -

    Board id

  • build, required -

    Build id

Board and Build can be found in here (opens new window)

# wikiHow

# Home

Author: @sanmmm

Example: https://rsshub.app/wikihow/index

Route: /wikihow/index

Parameters: N/A

# Category

Author: @sanmmm

Example: https://rsshub.app/wikihow/category/饮食与休闲/all

Route: /wikihow/category/:category/:type?


  • category, required -


  • type, optional -

    Type, default to all

Top category can be found in category Page (opens new window), support secondary directories


All Recommend
all rec