Forecast and alerts

# Outage.Report

# Report

Author: @cxumol @nczitzk


Route: /outagereport/:name/:count?


  • name, required - Service name, spelling format must be consistent with URL
  • count, optional - Counting threshold, will only be written in RSS if the number of people who report to stop serving is not less than this number

Please skip the local service area code for name, for example to verizon-wireless.

# Uptime Robot


Author: @Rongronggg9


Route: /uptimerobot/rss/:id/:routeParams?


  • id, required - the last part of your RSS URL (e.g. u358785-e4323652448755805d668f1a66506f2f for
  • routeParams, optional - extra parameters, see the table below
Key Description Accepts Defaults to
showID Show monitor ID (disabling it will also disable link for each RSS entry) 0/1/true/false true