All parameters can be linked with & to used together to generate a complex feed


The following URL query parameters are supported, Regex support is built-in

Set filter to include the content

  • filter: filter title and description

  • filter_title: filter title only

  • filter_description: filter description only

  • filter_author: filter author only

  • filter_time: filter pubDate, value for second number, return specified time range. Item without pubDate will not be filtered.

For example:|Yellow|Black

Set filterout to exclude unwanted content

  • filterout: filter title and description

  • filterout_title: filter title only

  • filterout_description: filter description only

  • filterout_author: filter author only

For example:|Yellow|Black

Limit Entries

Set limit to limit the number of articles in the feed,

Eg: Dribbble Popular Top 10


Enable fulltext via mode parameter

Eg: bilibili article

Telegram instantview

Replace website link with Telegram instantview link

Eable Telegram instantview needs making page template, refer to official website

  • tgiv: template hash, getting form link of making template page(the string after &rhash=


Output Formats

RSSHub supports RSS 2.0 and Atom as the output formats, simply append .rss .atom to the end of the feed address, default to RSS 2.0

For example: